Tuesday, September 22, 2009

how hard is it to get some gas?

for me the answer would have to be very this week.
attempt #1 about 3-4 gallons in the pump reads error and stops okay fine but I am not going to play pull around and try another pump it'll do for now
attempt #2 the gas station is I suppose going out of business all of the pumps are covered
attempt #3 at a grocery store tried and tried and tried to get my shopping card to scan so I could save 10 cents that didn't work so tried and tried and tried just to get gas but the evil machine wanted my shopping card information finally I caved & went to the clerk as instructed by evil machine. 87 year old clerk cannot help from booth but must shuffle over to the pump and try and try and try to get my shopping card to scan it does finally I begin to pump gas just after the first gallon goes in the handle or something breaks and no gas will pump. I drive away in disgust
attempt #4 successful & I was finally able to fill the tank

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