Friday, May 8, 2009

party at MIL's house

MIL is very weird about giving out the key to her no I mean really weird when David moved out of the house he had to hand in his key. When we moved out of her house(although not her house at the time it belonged to FIL who was letting us live there and there is waaaay more to that whole story but we'll save that for another time) she actually had the locks changed. When family would visit she wouldn't hand out a key they had to rely on her being home and if she went out well they had to vacate as well. She has lightened up somewhat on that especially with BIL & nephew living there currently, I believe they are allowed keys(although nephew is generally not allowed to be there unsupervised if she can at all humanly possible help it) I have bugged her for years that we should have a spare key in case of emergency and she agrees in theory but nooo never actually produces on for me. Locking herself out and having to call a locksmith has not produced a key for us and even when several years ago when she had a freaky eye problem and temporary blindness she would not cough up a I said she is freaky about giving out the house key so when she gave me a key for just in case because she was going to be out of town for a few days I about fell over. And yes I am heading to walmart to make a copy I can put up just in case of emergency

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