Friday, May 8, 2009

my aren't teenagers annoying?

and I don't even have one yet but God help me those years are not so far away are they? anywho MIL is out of town and we are helping with nephew Z. He had a football scrimmage this afternoon and we were working with the expectation he would call some time after 9ish when they arrived back at the school and then come here to spend the night. With the wacky weather in the area today scrimmage got cancelled and I got a text around 1 that he would need a 3:30 pick up. Not a big deal as I had come home with a sick C earlier in the day. We pack up and head to the school just before 3:30 and get into the pick up line which at this point was not so very crazy. I get a text from him that he has practice for a little bit. After some cursing under my breath C & I head to the grocery store to pick up something for tonight's dinner and then plan on heading back home except we get the the grocery store and oh well I don't have practice can you come get me? My first thought was hell no are you crazy but I refrained from verbalizing that sentiment and picked him up after we were done at the store


Cathy said...

That is my life. Every. Single. Day.

overtly trite said...

:) you must be sainted with that many kids! there are days I can't handle my one