Wednesday, May 13, 2009

irreconcilable dish washing

It makes my skin crawl to let David do the dishes really from washing to putting them up he drives me batty. First he never really rinses stuff off which I do, he then throws as much as physically possible into the machine not concerning himself with items that do not belong in the dishwasher or only belong on the top shelf or blocking where the water streams. Of course it is generally quite full because instead of emptying a clean dishwasher he will empty just a few things in order to fit in the newer dirtier dishes and then re-run the load and he would do this continually if I didn't step into to actually empty the dishwasher. Of course when he does put things away he puts them in the wrong places and never can manage to put the plastic ware with it's corresponding lid resulting in many many mismatched and completely useless plastic containers.
So if we ever divorce the decree is certain to read irreconcilable dish washing!

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