Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the impossible assignment

checked C's agenda on Monday to find a writing assignment that he had 40 minutes to work had not been finished in class and was being sent home so he could finish that evening. My gut reaction was oh hell no this s**t was not starting again what would the punishment be? I was relived to discover the assignment had been how I prepare a turkey for thanksgiving or some such nonsense...
Quite honestly how in the hell would he know? We never have turkey for thanksgiving! I am not sure when or why but David & I usually have a rib roast or leg of lamb for the holidays and I might throw a small ham into the mix if we are having a crowd but never turkey. I reminded C of some preparations that happen at Grammy & Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving but in retrospect I should have just pushed him to write what we actually prepare.


Missybw said...

Never too early to label your child as "weird", right? :-) JKJK Thanksgiving is the only time of year when I prepare the big bird... Christmas gets the rib roast, and maybe a ham. But my Turkeys are legendary in our family... perfection in feathers.

overtly trite said...

we prefer eclectic :)
hell he was doomed to be an odd duck from the start but that is why we love him so much!