Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Mr Pillsbury

or can I call you doughboy?
I have a problem, I can not find your microwave biscuits in any of my local grocers any longer, did you stop making them? I am a Northerner(read as never learned how to make biscuits from scratch) so your biscuits are a hit in my household. The regular frozen biscuits are great & do taste better but they involve cooking. Have you ever tried managing that at 6 in the morning while trying to get yourself ready for work and your 8 year old to the bus by 6.50? 30 seconds vs. 16 minutes? Microwaving does not involve opening eyes to get the correct temperature on the oven set, forgetting to remove the cookie sheet from the oven when it is already hot, waiting for preheat to finish, remembering to put the biscuits in the oven to cook, doing simple math so you can tell when the biscuits will be finished, I am not a morning person these are not simple tasks while sleepwalking!

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