Thursday, November 6, 2008

anyone have a bridge they want to unload?

my dear sweet son's latest caper involves joining a band.
Evidently his only expected contribution is buying the instruments. The lead singer was going to hold onto the money. I only got wind of this because little Esmeralda's mommy called me asking if I knew anything about this because C gave up all of his cash.
all $180 of his cash
Oddly enough I would have discovered the problem on Friday myself because I was taking him to the bank to deposit his money into his savings account. His biggest concern last night was that he was going to get kicked out of the band. I pointed out that he already has a guitar and can start his own band.
Niece #1 summed it up well "it that was nice, dumb, cute and innocent all at once".


Missybw said...

ZOMG!!! $180 to a shyster girl? AACCKK!! So, he's not related to Kaylea is he? Are you sure? This sounds alot like her. Glad the little beguiler's mom was honest, otherwise C would be like a lot of men 4 times his age - poorer but wiser to the ways of wimmin!
BTW - this girl related to Anna Nicole Smith? If not she should be.

overtly trite said...

we didn't even have the $$ back & this fast, pushy little kid was demanding C bring her the money back!
he is however over it and starting his own band.

Chris D said...

If you like I can send Emily over to have a "talk" with the young lady.