Wednesday, September 24, 2008

updated Wednesday

baby news-is there is no news neice #1 went from contractions every 1/2 hour to nothing and now she is only allowing us to ask once a day if she is having contractions-she is very cranky
kiddo news-meeting went ok but to be quite honest some of the behavioral stuff I just could care less about he is an 8 year boy and while not "good" it's age appropriate behavior and things that can be handled at school
raise your hand during class instead of blurting things out
kicking ball in a tree-don't do that again
taking someones magazine-don't do that again or damn it child don't get caught, not a sneaky bone in the boy's body but again that is more her problem in my opinion.
As far as the school work is he is doing the bare minimum(or less)not something we haven't heard before but it seems that there is more leeway to dick off in 3rd grade. He is barreling through worksheets(again when he does them) so he can sit in the reading area with his friends and read books. So as far as I am concerned he can't do that any longer I sent him a workbook to work on today if he has "free" time. We are putting more checks and balances into place for him that will involve all of us. Creative writing seems to be a bit at issue as well so we are going to do some work with that as well-luckily David is the writer in the family, but if he has trouble with math or science I'm his girl! We shall see I am quite sure this will not be the end of it all but we are taking it one day at a time


Byron Chesney said...

"Don't get caught." That was always my motto at that age!

Lola said...

Yeah, don't get caught is always good advice!

My seven-year old gets all of those same complaints from the school. He is seven, and he is a boy, end of story!

I'm sick of all the complaining the teachers are doing these days. If they were teachers back when I was a kid, they'd be heading for the hills. Toughen up, people!