Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the parent-teacher thing

with well C's teacher-I'm doing fine at at school & seeing as my parents live in CT a parent-teacher meeting would be a little difficult to coordinate, but I digress.
The short version of the problem is C is not finishing or in some cases doing his work in class and when given the opportunity to take it home and finish he well did not do that either. He also tends to be very chatty & disruptive in class. This first came to light a couple of weeks ago we hoped to avoid the go to school meeting and thought we had resolved the issue in emails, C was talked with, punished, allowed to make up his work etc. The next week he had a great week there were just a few worksheets that came home Friday to finish and he got A's in his weekly folder. Great we thought problem solved. But no last week it was back to slouching off, talking during class times, work not turned in etc, he was getting a zero on 1 writing assignment but is heading to a lot more zeroes if he does not start turning this stuff in with no opportunity to make up the work. So more talking, more punishments and we have to go have a meeting with the teacher.
I am really hating this part of parenthood and yes in the grand scheme of things this is not such a big deal it is only 3rd grade but it has me very stressed out. He does have new glasses and the teacher moved his desk closer to hers which will hopefully help plus my mother gave me some ideas and the teacher seems willing to help so I hope tomorrow goes well. I must admit some amusement to the whole permanent record which has been floated about several times now-for God's sake could they not come up with something new? I promise my 3rd grade permanent record has not to date affected my life at all!

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