Thursday, July 10, 2008

random thursday

-just plain exhausted the past few days and the mere thought of blogging seemed more effort than I was willing to put out
-managed a twitter or two and plenty of goof off time on facebook, but that is about it
-work is busy which is a good thing
-school is rolling along only 3 classes left 2 of which are exams,
-laundry is still piled up around the house
-the house itself is in desperate need of a really good cleaning but that is not going to happen this weekend
-MIL has a birthday coming up so we will have to put together some sort of a dinner
-Oscar also upcoming birthday and yes the dog does share his birthday with MIL.
-D and I are going to get a date tonight tomorrow, we are still in discussions over restaurant choice
-perhaps even the cinema?

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