Friday, July 11, 2008

it's the snappy peppy

very clever marketing idea by Snappy Tomato Pizza we got a flyer the other day & evidently they will deliver to your boat. I am assuming while it's docked they don't have a delivery boat or maybe they do? And it's not like I have a boat or anything or have ever tried their pizza, one just opened close to the house maybe we'll have to give it a try this weekend.
If you didn't get the Mel Brooks reference you should go rent High Anxiety this weekend it's one of his best films!


Anna said...

I love High Anxiety...OOOOH xiety!
Funny. I wasn't too impressed with the Schnappy Tamaata, but being from up North I have weird pizza taste cravings anywho. Good luck on the taste testing.

overtly trite said...

for my money Pizza Palace is the best in town!