Thursday, May 31, 2007

reality shows

I never watched Survivor or American Idol I am addicted to Project Runway, Top Chef and my latest addiction Deadliest catch


Jim & Anna Rogers said...

P -
Jim and I wanted to let you know that the cookout was YUMMY! Tell D that he can cook a chicken like nobody's business and after the 3 hot dogs I was STUFFED.
I HOWEVER didn't know that WE (you and I), are addicted to 2 of the same reality shows. I live and breathe by Project Runway and Top Chef - okay, live and breathe is exaggerating but still. Top Chef starts soon and I'm excited about the Season 1 vs. Season 2 smackdown. Go SEASON 1 - Love Harold!
It'd be nice to get together again soon.

nobody said...

my DVR is already set for wed. night! I am however in Tim Gun-withdrawl..