Monday, February 13, 2012

twists & turns of middle school

I saw something about a middle school dance held just after school and as C had not mentioned a word about to me & I asked if was planning on going as money & a permission slip were required. I was given a very terse and very quick "I am not going and don't want to discuss this matter" response. Naturally my first inclination was oh quit being silly this stuff is fun I am going to make you go. Obviously not a stellar parenting decision so while I entertained the thought I did let the entire matter drop. Imagine my surprise at the frantic phone call from school Friday asking for money & a signature for the dance the same day. Thankfully MIL handled it for me including spending money so he could buy pizza. Reports back were that C took no part in actual dancing but played basketball with friends the entire time and did indeed have fun!

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