Tuesday, November 15, 2011

we have about run out of punishments

this school year has started out much in the same way the transition to intermediate school did so we are to the point just shy of waterboarding the kid..please those with DHS on speed dial put your phone down we wouldn't waterboard...I could only imagine the utility bill that would create for the month. We have run thin on the punishments you can only take away so much and quite frankly grounding becomes just as much a punishment for the parents as the kid. So we have moved onto the book report scenario, over Thanksgiving break C is going to read & write me a book report on Animal Farm heck I think I might just re-read it myself it has been nearly a zillion years since I read it. It will also tie into some extra credit offered by his reading teacher so win win and more productive than limiting gaming time....although he still has not earned that back yet at all


Cathy said...

Stop punishing. Start over with zero negative consequences. This time, try rewarding all of the behaviors he struggles with daily. Use real poker chips and make short and long term rewards something he buys with the chips. He's a good child. You know this. He is being asked to learn in a way that isn't natural for him. Reward growth. Find ways to use his strengths to make his weaknesses less difficult.

overtly trite said...

I guess I should have put more detail in the original post he gets punished when he chooses not to do assignments and then procedes to lie about the situation. I think it would be eaiser to deal with if his struggle was scholastic his struggle is with staying on task. I have renamed the book reading as a mommy/kiddo book club project rather than a punishments