Wednesday, November 2, 2011

is it just my kid?

he is racking up the demerits in his first few months as a middle schooler and we have dealt with the scholastic type of demerits and I would like to think he is more on track with what is expected of him...his grade being evidence of that. The next issue he is having would be OMG he acts like an 11 year old boy. Recess gets ditched once you hit middle school and gym, excuse me PE is taught in some sort of block format, last term he had it every day and now he is done for the year?! So yes he was caught caught horsing around running in the halls with his buddies, was it wrong yes and yes he knows better but in my opinion he is an 11 year old boy where is that energy supposed to be released? I mean he like math but physically invigorating it is not-of course my mother & aunt both math geeks extraordinaire would probably beg to differ on that front. Would these kids not be better served by some sort of PE each week on a regular basis rather than every day for 9 weeks?

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