Monday, September 26, 2011

coming out of the closet

no no the real closet not the proverbial one. I am not known for particularly waking up gracefully and alert or for seeing well in the dark....and I do not see so great in the light either but that is a different story for another time. Saturday night we went out with friends it was a late night..late for us anyway we got in after midnight, I had a beer or three also not typical for me these days and capped off the evening with a hamburger & fried cauliflower just before going to bed. All of these factors in play around 4 am I woke up decided I needed to go to the bathroom and switch rooms..again another story but the short version is I would rather switch beds than toss & turn and wake up David. It would seem that I apparently got lost trying to head out of the bedroom winding up in David's closet I was unaware at the time but I was also providing a running monologue about being lost and at one point I even said "help I'm lost" in what David is calling my 7 year old Paula voice at which point he turned on the flashlight and helped me out of the closet so the speak.

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