Monday, March 21, 2011

travels with a toddler

Niece #1 and her 2 yr old son are hopping a plane to Kville this week and it had me remembering travelling with C as a toddler. I should preface with he has always been a pretty good traveller thank God but he had a moment or two that gave me fits way back when. Now that I think about it it the only issues we had were a trip to CT when he was 3. David (who was staying at home and working while we went to see my folks) for some unknown at this time reason booked my flight for me it was booked such that I had one half hour to change planes in yeah that would be 30 minutes..have you ever changed planes in ATL?! of course you have everything changes in ATL and I stand by my assertion that when you die you go through in ATL. Let me tell you dragging a rather large 3 year old toddler who was a little cranky through any airport is gonna be a challenge. We barely made our flight & I believe I cursed my husband the entire way to CT. The return trip involved a two hour car trip to the airport so invariably C fell asleep when we arrived a the airport he was cranky, crying, hanging off my shirt tales so to speak, I check our luggage and dude informs me that our bag is overweight. Through clenched teeth I told him to just damn charge me the difference and sensing that I might just snap he kindly put the bag through with no charge

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