Sunday, November 7, 2010

when I win the lottery

I plan on hiring a some full-time help over and above normal cook, housekeeper etc etc...

1. full time masseuse so I can have a massage every day
2. manicurist so I can have nails & toes touched up whenever
3. someone to throw my sheets in the dryer & make my bed up just before I go to sleep each night because I love warm clean sheets

that pretty much covers it....and don't confuse the issue by telling me I'll never win because I never buy tickets

oh yeah I want a steam room too so when I get the inevitable cold I have a room where I can sit and breathe for a little bit


Cathy McCaughan said...

I'll take number three plus clean, hot jeans every morning. They can also find my bra in the basket of clean clothes so I don't have to search for it daily. "Has anyone seen my bra?"

overtly trite said...

ahhh I forgot warm jeans yes they could handle that too & come to think of I frequently need a bra finder as well!

100% said...