Tuesday, March 9, 2010

student loans

Function: noun

1 a : money lent at interest b : something lent usually for the borrower's temporary use
2 a : the grant of temporary use b : the temporary duty of a person transferred to another job for a limited time
there you go thanks to merriam-webster. I know of several people (and I suspect I will know of a few more before tax season is over) that were surprised this year to find the federal government kept their tax returns and applied them towards unpaid student loans. Now I am far from perfect I too defaulted on my student loans however at this point in time they have been paid in full for many years now. And I will grant you it does suck to have money you thought was coming your way to be snatched out from under you but they are loans and if you don't pay them back there are repercussions that was what all the paperwork you signed said I'm guessing I don't think I read it either a the time. And I think it a bit hypocritical to run around screaming about big government taking money did you not take theirs? or did the y force the student loan upon you?

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