Wednesday, August 12, 2009

when does modern technology hit the school system?

wouldn't it be great if there was some web site that I could log onto to find out my child's classroom assignment instead of having to wait till this afternoon where I will have to make may way through the throngs of other parents and search out my son's name on what like 20 other lists of 4th graders?

update: the kiddo was happy with his teacher, while not being in class with his bestest friends he does have some friends in class, his lone one "mortal enemy" will not be in class with him this year. I was happy to discover I guessed correct on most of the school supplies and won't be needing to pick up much of anything else.


Justin said...

It's getting better out there. I'm a high school English teacher and I'm training myself to get into the habit of posting all assignments on my website as well as giving them out to students in class. As a highly "electronically organized" type of person I can really see the value in this. Some schools will get this sooner than others based on teachers' ability and comfort levels, but by the time your kid is in high school I imagine a great amount of cloud computing integration with his assignments.

overtly trite said...

so so far I have found it really depends on the teacher and I hate to be "agesist" about it but some of the older ones would not even check email. His teacher last year was great about email and and extra stuff online-it was only 3rd grade so not much in the way of assignments just yet.