Friday, August 7, 2009

if only I knew which school supplies we needed..

tax free weekend once again and while the school has provided a very basic list (amusingly or well not so amusingly the list posted online isn't even as detailed as the one they sent home at the end of the year or the ones that can thankfully be found in Walmart for those parents that have misplaced the list sent home in May) of which supplies my son will need I know his teacher will have a more detailed list of things she (or he I suppose I think the intermediate school has a male teacher just one though wouldn't want to overdo or anything..and while I am at it what is up with that? is there a rule that male teacher can only teach high school and above?) the more detailed list I will see next Wednesday when they post the class lists.... mere days away would it kill someone to post this today so I could take better advantage of the sales this weekend?

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