Saturday, July 18, 2009

operation go on a real vaction is in effect

okay our goal is Disney.
yup that's right the big rat no no the other big rodent not that big rat.
I see a yard sale or two and some ebay auctioning in my future to help fund this expedition. School is out May 21st and I want to be in Disney May 24th. This is totally doable and I am opening up a special savings account for the fun and frivolities on Monday!


Ira said...

A noble goal indeed... maybe I'll make it mine!

Chris D said...

good luck. That is the best time to get there, it's still cool out.

Mommy of 2 Girls said...

I have connections for discounts. and a few others. Disney has really good packages that include meals. You know I am the Disney queen so if you need any help just ask. I am planning a trip with the girls sometime while Chris is gone. Not sure when though.

overtly trite said...

not to worry I was going to call & pick your brain for info & ideas 'cause I am so making this happen :)