Monday, June 22, 2009

have I run out of things to blog about?

maybe so because I am about to weigh in on the whole Jon & Kate controversy because yes I watch the damn show and I have watched for forever now. It is a show I have loved to hate it since the first viewing but I find myself about to bid it a found adieu. Not for any moral reasons I like bad television-there said it and you know what millions of other folks do too otherwise this drivel would not make onto the airwaves to begin with. I am sorry they are having problems in their marriage it happens but quite frankly what do you expect when you choose to live your life as a reality show not just be on one. The show use to be about 2 crazy people raising their litter of children and the day to day challenges they faced. Now well good grief now it seems to be about all the free stuff they get trips, spa visits, playhouses, a motorcycle & scooter plus hanging out with Duff, Emeril as well as the boys from OCC. They don't even have to work anymore although have managed to find a whole lot great land with a great house but boo-hoo they have to do a book tour every now and again. I'll tell you what TLC give my family a show "David & Paula plus 1" for all the money, endorsements & free stuff I too can nag the hell out of my husband.


Missybw said...

The show is redonkulous! Hate it! But I did watch Real Housewives of NJ for the first time last week... LOVED IT! Like the Sopranos but with extra Estrogen. But I hope to never see the Gosselins or their litter of kids ever again. Special place in Hell for exploiters like those two.

overtly trite said...

LOL Jersey has been my absolute frickin' favorite one ever!