Sunday, August 31, 2008

but isn't it Labor day?

I have lived in K-town for 16 years now and I have never quite understood the concept behind Boomsday(huge fireworks display set off of the bridge downtown for the uninitiated) I get the ohh & ahh of the fireworks but why Labor day? I have been a few times and it is fun but the traffic sucks and my job being on the south side of the bridge it's mostly a minor inconvenience each year. It also affects business which played a part in the decision to close today and do inventory, oh joy, I hate inventory but being salary and having worked each and every inventory since the beginning of time I sort of had no choice.
What sucks was my boss was unloading two passes he had for tonight on the Riverboat it included free drinks, dinner and a river view of the fireworks..oh the really sucky part was I couldn't use them!

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