Sunday, August 5, 2007

american favorite past time

the three of us went up to Sevierville for a Smokies game last night. Although the game was not a great one for the team(they lost4-0) we had a great time D was trying to sell me on the idea that it was all about the junk food anyway & I must admit the funnel cake was really good... I have no idea why we don't go to games more frequently it really is a "nine inning vacation".
Growing up in CT in a family of Yankees fans meant we would go to at least one game a season, luckily both my uncle & father had friends with REALLY good box seats, field level-one of the boxes on the visitor's dugout no less. So yes we were spoiled & I remember the shock to the system when for one double header Dad bought upper deck seats-a whole different crowd sits up there, the drunks were pretty funny to say the least. I think they lost both games and we wound up leaving half way through the second game,still fun though so maybe it is a little about the junk food.. Comcast(D's employer) is having a company night with picnic at the ballpark at the end of the month so I know we will make it to at least one more game this season but with school & fall little league starting up again our weekend will fill up fast, plus there has been talk of more camping which I hope pans out!

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