Saturday, July 28, 2007


C had his end of summer sleepover at camp/daycare last night. They watched movies, ate pizza, drank juice & basically stayed up all night. He was a zombie today, we drove over to visit D's dad for a little birthday celebration, C did not make it out of the subdivision before he was fast asleep! We enjoyed the evening by using our dining card at an excellent Japanese restaurant Gohan Ya-very good sushi! I'm not sure why we had put off going there for so long but we will make up for it in short order, luckily it is really close to the house! C has moved onto his grandmothers for the rest of the weekend & we are off to a wedding this evening, an outdoor wedding, on a mostly rainy day. The weather seems to be clearing I hope it lasts!


Mr. Booni said...

The weather cooperated!!! Thanks for coming!

nobody said...

I was keeping my fingers crossed. Congrats again it was a beautiful wedding!