Sunday, July 1, 2007


no exciting notes from the road other than we made it in one piece without any craziness or odd stories to add to our "trip file" we've had some odd experiences driving to see my folks. The very first time I guess 12 years ago we drove up so David could meet my family, went to family friend's wedding then mom & dad threw us an engagement party so he really met all of the family-well most of it. We decided to leave middle of the night -aah youth-wound up in West Va. at a Bob Evan's for a much need hearty breakfast & lots of coffee. Started back on our way 10 minutes down the road food poisoning hit Paula when the waves started on David decided to stop & get a hotel room, yes it was that bad, wound up sleeping it off & sharing the bathroom for a few hours at a Day's Inn. Trip continued on & was fun until late evening one night David got gout in his leg so bad that I had to take him to the local emergency room, got some medication ok we left to return to k-town the next day. D couldn't drive at all-which is a story unto itself suffice to say he pretty much does ALL driving in the family ALL the time. So I drove until Natural Bridge Va I was so tired I couldn't see straight & he was in so much pain we had to go to the emergency room in Lexington VA, where he got some sort of shot that made his mouth break out & it was a touristy area so I had trouble finding a Walgreen's to get his prescription filled, plus we weren't married so I was technically not next of kin plus I didn't have all medical info, cards etc. We finally made it back to Knoxville the next day where he promptly got some sort of upper-respiratory infection & was sick another week or so. And despite the road trip from hell we still got married..

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