Thursday, June 7, 2007


to birthday party 2007..I feel like I' m doing tactical maneuvers or something.
place booked-check
invites sent-check
cupcakes ordered-check
gift bags-not yet but started
chips/drinks-not yet
plates, napkins & such-check
Got 18 rsvp's-about 1/2 of what we sent out which shakes out to 14 kids including Connor with a possible 3 or more I guess who knows they haven't rsvp'd. Luckily this place does not charge by the kid but is a set price which is bad enough..They let you bring in some things but not others which is weird so I will have to buy the ice cream cups from them directly, they sent out a coupon for a free dozen balloons plus I found a $20 off coupon in a mailer last week, every little bit helps.
I am still working on putting together gift bags who started that goofy idea? I am already paying for these kids to run around, bounce & consume sugar why do I have to give them a gift too? Personally now that I am a mom I think you should give the mother a gift on the kids birthday- I did all the work incubating, labor, episiotomy, breast feeding, diaper changing, sleepless nights where's the love? So back to gift bags I try not to make them too junky but I also don't want to spend a whole lot of money so stickers, bubbles, pencils, tattoos always big hits & I need a few more things to fill in some more I guess I will troll the dollar store after work.


Jim and/or Anna Rogers said...

Ah the joys of party planning - I don't miss it :) Where y'all having the party? Jumpity Jump?!
Hang in there!

nobody said...

events at sherlake so same basic idea, slide, bounce house, etc..
If you guys are out & about stop in for spider-man cupcakes!